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How does it work?

1. How does it work?
Tuby is a mobile phone application which allows you to socialize with people on underground metropolitan railways. Since Tuby has been designed with you, tube commuters, in mind, Tuby does not need an Internet connection, it works smoothly in undeground railways. When you take the tube, you have to simply launch Tuby and check if there is some interesting people around you. Then Tuby allows you:

1. to navigate his/her profile (that includes general info like nickname, favorite books, TV shows, etc)

2. to interactively chat with him/her

At this point, you already broke the ice, and you have a new friend :)

2. Who is Tuby for?
We designed Tuby for people who have always been curious and social on the tube. Tuby helps you get in touch every day with new people, and share a nice subway trip with them. It is suitable for people who live in cities with an underground railway network, have a strong social attitude and have an Android or iPhone smartphone.

3. Why is it different?
Tuby is innovative because it allows you to be social also on your trips on the tube. One of the most important features in Tuby is its "friendship" concept. In typical social networks people have to ask and confirm their friendship in a (slow) asynchronous way, whereas in Tuby two people that are on the same railway vechicle can already start socializing! ;) In a nutshell, in Tuby the concept of friendship has been specialized into the concept of physical closeness, quick hu? :)

4. Why is it called Tuby?
The name of our product is devoted to the London underground railway, informally known as The Tube. We choose this name in order to stress that Tuby has been designed with London Tube travellers in mind. Of course, Tuby is available to all subway travellers all over the world!

5. Who can access my Tuby profile?
We really care about protecting your privacy data, so it really depends on the privacy settings you specified at the time of your subscription tu Tuby. By default, your Tuby profile can be accessed only by people the same railway vehicle as you.

8. Who is behind Tuby?
Tuby is being designed and developed by Ivano Malavolta and Francesco Gallo, PhD students of the University of L'Aquila and hardcore commuters on the London Tube for some months in 2011. They are currently making research on software engineering with a focus on software architecture and self-adaptive systems, respectively.

9. Why is it only available on iPhone and Android?
Currently, we are planning to develop our first release of Tuby just for the two most popular app stores. If successful in this first release, we will make Tuby available also on the other platforms.